Hunting Lease Agreement Terms


After you fill out this lease agreement, all parties that plan to enter this property need to fill out and submit the liability release form on our website from their computer. If all parties do not send in the waiver release, your property will be on hold. Properties are leased on a first payment received basis. By sending this agreement filled out entirely thru email this will constitute a binding agreement. Once payment clears and all paperwork is in we will send you back an Okie Hunts watermarked signed agreement. All hunters need this with them at all times.

Do not involve or ask land owner in property or personal disputes with our hunters. Direct any and all questions to Wild Beast Hunting regarding the use of these properties. Farmers are busy and oftentimes don’t have time to visit, if they approach you to visit that’s fine.

This is a Hunting & Fishing agreement only. Landowner, Tenants and members of Wild Beast Hunting LLC dba Okie Hunts assume no other responsibilities or liabilities to each other or any other parties. Hunters must follow all rules outlined below or risk losing all privileges to use this land. Wild Beast Hunting LLC or land owner will decide if a hunter loses their right for use of this land.
There are no refunds ever so follow the rules. This lease is renewable so long as landowner is in agreement, to guarantee your renewal you must have payment in by expiration of this lease. Agreement runs from June 1st thru May 31st.

All persons wishing to use this property must obtain permission from Wild Beast Hunting LLC. Land owner, tenant or hired hands have permission to enter to do normal duties related to farming and livestock.


Every person entering properties must sign the Wild Beast Hunting LLC Waiver form or lose your rights to use this land.

We follow All State Game & Fish regulations.

If crop fields are wet, don’t go across them in your truck. If crop fields are dry, you may drive as close to the fence as possible to get in and out of your property, using the same route in and out. Please only do this when you’re putting out stands and feeders or retrieving a downed animal.

Always practice safe gun handling & know your target and what’s behind it. You are responsible for any damages to property or persons. In no event is the Landowner, Wild Beast Hunting or Tenant responsible for anything, lost, stolen, damaged, injuries, accidents etc.

If you have a dispute with a neighboring land owner, be courteous and Contact Wild Beast Hunting immediately.

Respect others around you, the properties and the animals. Cows are curious, feeders and deer stands are allowed but you need to make sure they are safe for cattle to be around. Drive slowly when around cattle so you don’t spook them. Livestock safety is second in importance only to human safety. Panels or electric fences are permitted around feeders.

Trapping is not allowed except by gaining written permission from Wild Beast Hunting LLC dba Okie Hunts.

If you have a camp use common sense when starting a fire. If it’s windy and dry, no campfires. No fires anywhere except at a designated camp.

Guests are defined as Non Immediate Family Members (spouse and children) Guests must first send in the Liability Release, Guests must be with you at all times. Guests are not allowed during deer and turkey seasons for any reason. One guest can be brought at any other time presently. Please don’t abuse bringing a guest with you. Please email [email protected] if you’re bringing a guest.

Please keep gates shut and secured or leave them the way you found them. Do not cut or bend the top wire of fences down.

You may use posted signs, If you suspect or catch a trespasser be polite then call game warden and local law enforcement.

Fishing ponds are here for our enjoyment. Always practice catch and release.

Keep your campsite and property clean. If you see trash anywhere, pick it up.

Do not change any electric (if it exists) without permission and unplug trailers when not in use and shut water off and disconnect water hoses before you leave.

Disputes will be solved by Wild Beast Hunting LLC if you can’t work them out between yourselves.

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