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Oklahoma Landowners

For over 20 years, Okie Hunts has been one of Oklahoma’s leading Hunting Lease services. We manage over 21,000 acres in the state and continue to grow every day. We’ve made it easier than ever to lease your property to responsible hunters and have never lost a landowner for any complaint.

Landowners can expect to

  • Have a worry-free experience.
  • Set your own price.
  • Keep your property leased year after year.
  • Easy cancellation.
  • Ensure your rules will be followed.
  • Always know the names of who is on your property.
  • Liability Release Waiver signed by all persons.
  • Have a professionally written lease document.
  • Get your listing in front of thousands of hunters.
  • The landowner pays no fee or commissions.

Leasing your land

Okie Hunts makes it easy for you to lease your property. As a landowner, you’ll have the ability to set prices you feel good about and establish the overall rules of your property. Once your property is leased, we can send you a copy every year with the names and phone numbers of who is allowed to be on your property. Liability release waivers can also be sent to you but we always store this information for you as well. Fill out the form below or call us at 405-674-HUNT

Responsible hunting

Our experts will manage 100% of the work for you! All you do is receive a check. Each property is assigned to a trusted group of responsible hunters who look out for your property. This way, we can watch the land to ensure no one is trespassing. If you’re considering leasing land in Oklahoma, contact us today!


Common Concerns

We’ve found that one of the main concerns landowners have is safety and respect for the rules. Finding responsible hunters is our top priority here at Okie Hunts and we ensure that you’ll be equipped with all the resources you need when leasing your property.
While many landowners lease hunting rights to increase income, there are also those who use the leases to develop control over their property. Obtaining a lease can significantly reduce vandalism, theft, and poaching problems on your property.

Looking out for your best interests

Whether you’re a landowner or farmer, we’ll help you manage your property for hunting leases. We understand that the leasing process can be overwhelming and that you might not have the time to do the work on your own.

When you list with us,
you won’t have to worry about

  • To many people being on your property.
  • Paperwork and unnecessary stress.
  • All the phone calls and showings.
  • Keeping it leased year after year.
  • Getting paid.
  • Stop unwanted conversations with people you would never lease to by telling them it’s leased.

Landowner Form

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