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2019 Oklahoma Deer Hunting is expected to be a boom! Whether your hunting private hunting leases in Oklahoma or public hunting land, you should see a healthy deer herd. As you may be aware Oklahoma is fast becoming a well known destination for trophy whitetails also. Since the adoption of the Oklahoma Wildlife Departments slogan, Hunters in the Know, Let young Bucks grow” the Quality Deer Management Association QDMA is listing Oklahoma as one of the top 5 states showing declines in small bucks being harvested which is also why we are seeing some really big bucks now. We have had excellent rainfall for several years in a row which in my opinion is why we will see record numbers this year. Osage County remains the sought after county with 5420 deer harvested in 2018 however some other counties are giving them a run for their money. Delaware had 2686, McCurtain 3474, Pittsburg 3396, Pushmataha 2747 and Rogers with 2548. Whether your after a trophy Oklahoma Whitetail or just want to see alot of deer I think this season is going to be great. The 2017 - 2018 Deer Harvest showed a 9% jump from previous with a total harvested number equaling 107,914.