Video footage of 160 or 320 acres, Both Properties are connected

These Oklahoma Hunting leases are rugged with very deep canyons. We see whitetail deer, turkey and hogs on these properties. Both of these hunting leases will be awesome for Rifle Hunting or Bow Hunting. The great news is they have only gotten better this year as the cedars were so thic it was near impossible to hunt. The fire cleaned up these properties very well and being that we have had all the rain the property has recovered nicely and loos better than the unburned ground.

An Easy & Passive income from Leasing your farm to hunters

Renting your land to Hunters has never been easier! 

  • No Royalties - You can set the price or let us give you an estimate.

  • We do all the work - 18 years experience managing land for farmers

  • It cost you nothing and you can easily cancel, but you wont!

Oklahoma Farmers willing to provide their farm for a Hunting Lease and Oklahoma Hunters can make a great partnership where everyone wins.