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  • A good group of hunters is hard to find, If you already have a good group, please keep them. If you need to find a good group contact me, I can help you lease your Oklahoma Hunting Lease.

Oklahoma Hunting Leases - Get your own this fall.

Here is another great property located in the Putnam OK area. Its 160 acres.

Saw deer tracks everywhere, deer were also spotted, year long lease and renewable. Campsite with electric and water available.

East of Shawnee 120 acre Hunting Lease (See Video)

This is an awesome piece of property with a huge corn field next door. In addition there are other crops in the area. This one is located on the S Canadian River and has an excellent deer herd. Plenty of big timber and excellent cover for the most pickiest of hunters.

Video footage of 160 or 320 acres, Both Properties are connected

These Oklahoma Hunting leases are rugged with very deep canyons. We see whitetail deer, turkey and hogs on these properties. Both of these hunting leases will be awesome for Rifle Hunting or Bow Hunting. The great news is they have only gotten better this year as the cedars were so thic it was near impossible to hunt. The fire cleaned up these properties very well and being that we have had all the rain the property has recovered nicely and loos better than the unburned ground.

Private Hunting Lease in Oklahoma

Here is another great property we have close to the Oklahoma City Metro area.

You can download the google earth file at our website and go see it in person. The timber is large and it has crop fields with corn and alfalfa bordering it, not to mention the river. 

Oklahoma Hunting Lease rates for 2018 can be seen on our website.

An Easy & Passive income from Leasing your farm to hunters

Renting your land to Hunters has never been easier! 

  • No Royalties - You can set the price or let us give you an estimate.

  • We do all the work - 18 years experience managing land for farmers

  • It cost you nothing and you can easily cancel, but you wont!

Oklahoma Farmers willing to provide their farm for a Hunting Lease and Oklahoma Hunters can make a great partnership where everyone wins.

A Nice Hunting Lease that wont break the bank! 160 Acres

Don't let the aerial photo fool you. It has great cover. The property listed here is a sleeper. This hunting land in Oklahoma known as Whisky Graft will surprise you. It has excellent bow hunting and rifle hunting opportunities with a great deal of big timber and cover. It has always produced plenty of deer and camping is done in style with electric and water at our Hunting Camp.

Its about an hour and a half drive from OKC or 30 minutes N of Clinton OK.

To see more about it visit our website

Hunting Land just Posted in and around OKC and Northwest Oklahoma

Just added some excellent land to the list of available places we are offering. I have personally looked at all of them and they look excellent. Go to our Home Page and click on Hunting Land. Let me know if you have any questions.

Do suppressed weapons spook game animals-My experience

I am asked often why I don't suppress my 300 AAC Blackout for hog hunts. Good question. Let me give you my reasons. Most everyone I hunt hogs with doesn't use suppressed weapons. It doesn't do much good keeping your noise down if everyone else isn't. I don't know if you have ever heard a subsonic 300 aac blackout down range or not but I have. YES I have. Dangerous idiot you say? No not really. I was hunting a very large wheat field this past year, my buddy hunts about 1000 yards away with me. He took both his Muzzeloader and 300 blackout into his blind in case the inevitable happened, hogs taking over the wheat field...which they did.

The Hogs were not in my direct line of fire, he is a safety nut as I am. They were at least 300 yards away from him back to his NW, they were about 600 yards to my east, so we had an angle protecting me.

He opened fire and I did not hear the crack of a weapon but more like the sound of a Star Wars Ray Gun (Or whatever they called them), with every round downrange the sound continued. The hogs were on the run immediately. It was the strangest noise I had ever heard a weapon make. So for all you guys that say it gives them an advantage I would say not as you might think it does.

The only advantages I personally see are that it is a different sound, it is quieter as far as the animals are concerned in the area but they will hear it if your aiming at them, it is definitely a benefit to the shooter if others are not shooting un-suppressed weapons. But for what I do, which is hunt large groups of hogs with a group, they are gonna run the minute that sub-sonic raygun trigger is pulled. Oh yeah, its very cool to have that can on the end of your gun.


Can you eat wild boar hogs

Yes and No.

Years ago, approx 17 to be exact...I shot my first 3 wild hogs. I was very excited and thought of sausage, hams, bacon, BACON is fruit for men! I field dressed all 3 hogs and tried to hold my nose as I did. I took them to a local butcher shop who does meat curing. I went home and proudly exclaimed that I was bringing home the meat for the family! My wife rolled her eyes but my kids had my back. 

I finally picked the meat up and immediately wanted to cook it up. So my wife made pancakes and wild hog sausage for dinner. I happen to be out in my shop working on a project when she came out and said that dinner was ready. I looked at her and sheepishly asked if she tried it and she said " That meat is going to be terrible!" As usual she was suspect to eating wild game as I had ruined her on a very old buck years ago. I thought no way she was just being a city girl.

I came in and immediately got my pancakes all doctored up and threw everything into the microwave. As I walked proudly to the table an aroma fluttered thru the air into my nostrils and damaged my eager taste buds...was it true....was it going to be terrible?

Apparently one or possibly two of the hogs had not been desirable for cooking. The one she cooked was one of those! The meat tasted fine but the smell, oh the smell! As I sat at the table by myself, kids and wife nowhere in sight I tried to eat that sausage thinking about all that BACON in the freezer. I had to admit, she was right. I tried cooking other cuts of meat with mixed bag results. Some was fantastic, and some was smelly. I told a friend about it and said I was throwing it all away rather than playing Russian Roulette every time I stuck my hand in the freezer. Guess what? He took every bit of that meat and either fed it to the dogs or possibly ate it. 

The bottom line is:

I never butcher a hog over 200-250 pounds if its a sow. I will not butcher a boar hog for any reason. If the hog has an extremely pungent odor I will not butcher it. All hogs smell bad but some are much worse than others. As I am field dressing my hogs it should smell like a deer on the inside of the body cavity, it should not smell like the outside of the hog. If it passes the sniff test then I will butcher it and find that its extremely tasty if cooked properly.

The best weather for hunting wild hogs is now here

Now that I have leased hunting land and whitetail deer season and turkey season is out of the way I am excited about pursuing my favorite animal, Oklahoma Wild Hogs! The weather in Oklahoma is now ideal for hunting wild hogs. The hunter never gets heat exhaustion this time of year and the hogs well... go hog wild! 

When a young hunter wants to kill a hog I usually put them in a blind because its much safer for them and everyone who may be present. Some of the best father child conversations come from sitting in a blind together.

If you haven't ever tried hog hunting I encourage you to extend hunting season this year and get your favorite buddies and bring them out. I guarantee you an excellent time.

Good Hunting!

Oklahoma Hunting Land for Lease

Just added another great hunting property, be sure and scroll down the page to see all our hunting lands in Oklahoma. Also if your interested in booking a hog hunting trip in Oklahoma our calendar fills up quick. We are already booking trips into December of 2017.