Do suppressed weapons spook game animals-My experience

I am asked often why I don't suppress my 300 AAC Blackout for hog hunts. Good question. Let me give you my reasons. Most everyone I hunt hogs with doesn't use suppressed weapons. It doesn't do much good keeping your noise down if everyone else isn't. I don't know if you have ever heard a subsonic 300 aac blackout down range or not but I have. YES I have. Dangerous idiot you say? No not really. I was hunting a very large wheat field this past year, my buddy hunts about 1000 yards away with me. He took both his Muzzeloader and 300 blackout into his blind in case the inevitable happened, hogs taking over the wheat field...which they did.

The Hogs were not in my direct line of fire, he is a safety nut as I am. They were at least 300 yards away from him back to his NW, they were about 600 yards to my east, so we had an angle protecting me.

He opened fire and I did not hear the crack of a weapon but more like the sound of a Star Wars Ray Gun (Or whatever they called them), with every round downrange the sound continued. The hogs were on the run immediately. It was the strangest noise I had ever heard a weapon make. So for all you guys that say it gives them an advantage I would say not as you might think it does.

The only advantages I personally see are that it is a different sound, it is quieter as far as the animals are concerned in the area but they will hear it if your aiming at them, it is definitely a benefit to the shooter if others are not shooting un-suppressed weapons. But for what I do, which is hunt large groups of hogs with a group, they are gonna run the minute that sub-sonic raygun trigger is pulled. Oh yeah, its very cool to have that can on the end of your gun.


Best time to hog hunt?

Its always a crap shoot with free ranging wild hogs but they are especially active on overcast cold days. Wind doesn't effect hogs like it does whitetail deer. This past weekend proves it. We were in the wild hogs often and constantly. We hunted two days and were on hogs 6 times, it was extremely windy but cool and overcast. Cheap hog hunting trips doesn't get any better for the money you spend when you book an Oklahoma hog hunt with Okie Hunts. With no limits on how many hogs you can shoot and an over population of wild hogs your typically going to get many opportunities at killing more than one wild hog. You know its been a good hog hunting trip when your hunters run out of ammunition and thats exactly what they did.

Congratulations to Dustin, he shot two wild hogs, his first ever. 

Wish I was Hog Hunting tonight

The rain is coming down and a cold front has blown in, boy is that a recipe for good hog hunting. It doesn't matter if your a Russian boar or a feral hog, your gonna be out in this weather! The corn feeders have ran three times today but they are probably rooting around in the canyons looking for grubs and such, Heck they may even be out on the wheat fields but I can guarantee you they are on the move. But there is always an opportunistic hog or two that just cant pass up an easy meal at the feeder. 

Hog hunting is my favorite activity and I have helped addict more than a few deer hunters on the concept. There is nothing better than stalking prey that can if it chooses turn and come straight at you. People ask me all the time is it dangerous, well it can be. If your in a blind 8-15' off the ground it probably isn't, unless you slip and fall out of the blind. But if your in tall grass and thick cedars and get between a boar and his freedom you can bet he is coming straight towards you. Sow hogs can be quite mean as well if her piglets may be in danger.

The safest bet is to put a charging hog down which is easier said than done and many well accomplished hunters, shooters, or retired veterans miss because of the adrenaline, I always tell people if you miss and its charging to wait, wait, wait until he is getting close then jump hard and far straight sideways, they will try and hook you but if you jump far enough they will go right by you. Hogs dont have much neck movement at all and generally face straight ahead at all times. Safety is always a must when hunting anything, but hogs get your blood flowing more than say a squirrel or rabbit or even a whitetail buck. I instruct all my hunters to wear hunters safety orange when doing a spot and stalk hog hunt, hogs cant see hardly at all. We also will stay side by side in a line when walking thru thick stuff. Some hunters have to put their firearm muzzle down and let one or two guys go it alone in some cases due to safety. When hogs are close, and I mean 15-20 yards away all heck can break loose. You have to remain calm and focused and remember where your partners are. For this reason I will usually only do a spot and stalk hog hunt with three people and put the other guys in blinds. For my hunters that dont want to do a spot and stalk we have plenty of blinds available. And it is the safest method. That being said I have hunted these hogs for over 15 years and have had only 3 encounters of a charging pissed off hog. And I have seen literally thousands in that time frame.

Hope someone is out in the woods instead of sitting by a computer! I am going to bed, headed to the lake for the weekend. Good hunting!