JHAY KG770 – Canadian County, 6 Hunter Max

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Hinton OK Area, 770 acre hunting lease. This is one awesome piece of property that has never been leased before and was hunted by a few select family friends only. Its only 45 minutes from OKC and has gravel roads all through the property! It has points as high as 1509′ and yes its overlooking the South Canadian River Bottom so Big Bucks shouldn’t be a problem! Imagine yourself sitting high above the game animals shooting down on them as your scent is carried far and away from those wary noses, two blinds positioned on both sides of Red Hill will provide plenty of shooting for 2 hunters and there are tree lines everywhere. Please do enjoy shooting all the hogs and coyotes you can. It has a great deer herd, turkeys and the occasional wild hog family comes rooting around. Ducks can be found on the ponds with the possibility of geese on the river. Fawns and Yearlings are not allowed to be harvested except during Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Youth seasons. The property will have approx 75-100 head of cattle. 4 deer feeders are allowed and you can use hog panels or hotwires to keep cattle away if you choose. With all the treelines you should have no trouble finding multiple places for your hunters for rifle hunting or bow hunting. The property is beautiful and is a must have for any hunter. It has Electric for trailer hookups and also a lockable dry/rodent proof storage container for misc items. The barn is for private use of the landowner exclusively. Landowner courtesy text required to let them know your hunting.


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